September 4th, 2012

way too much fun with filters

If I didn't have to do any repairs on it, and could take it with me wherever I went, I think this might be my dream house. I saw this place when I went to the south coast between Portsmouth and Chichester to visit my writer friend Candy Gourlay at the holiday place she rents out, Tide Cottage.

I love the sweeping views along the sea front between Emsworth and Langstone. And I was having fun with my phone camera. I love it that I can make pictures look like they were taken on an old box camera. I'm sure I'll get over this soon and start taking normal pictures again, but please put up with me for now.

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two working portraits

I have a new editor working on one of my books, named Alice Corrie. She looks a little bit like this:

And this one also looks slightly like the designer, the fabulous Ness Wood. Ness treated us to lunch at her house and showed us the amazing new studio she's built in the loft. We took our shoes off because it's so new and pristine up there. And I was carrying a drink. ...Oh yes. Trotting up the stairs, I caught my foot and managed to spray the contents of my glass up the side of the wall. It was a moment of high sophistication.