January 28th, 2013

green lane primary arts week... so many great ideas!

I just had the most amazing school visit! Do you remember my Futures for Comics brainstorming blog post about comics festivals in schools? Well, I went to Green Lane Primary School in Surrey and they did something similar! For their Arts Week, teacher Lee Christy chose a writer-illustrator - me! - and each class studied one of my books and created narrative artwork inspired by the books.

When kids ask me how to get books published, I always advise them not to wait until they're grown up, or in art college, to start making books, but to start making them now, in effect, self-publishing. So it was brilliant to see the Green Lane kids doing just that! Year 5 focused on Morris the Mankiest Monster, creating books about their own monsters, also in rhyme, and describing where their monster lives and its personal habits, like writer Giles Andreae did with Morris.

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