February 1st, 2013

hermitage portrait: want to do some colouring?

Morning sketch: this time I got down a book of Hermitage paintings and redrew Antonio Allegri da Correggio's Portrait of a Lady from about 1519. (But I thought I'd put something in her empty dish.)

People sometimes ask me if they can colour the things I draw, so I've made this into a free colouring sheet, if you'd like to download it and have a go (with crayons, in Photoshop, whatever you like!). (Here's a link to the PDF file.)

Click here if you'd like a closer look at the painting in the book. She's fun to draw. Her clothes are solid colours, but you could change things and put in all sorts of patterns and textures. She might even have some awesome tattoos.

Oh, and check out Francesco Mugnai's website of photos of beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins. So amazing. Wow. (via Aliette de Bodard and EwaSR on Twitter.)