February 13th, 2013

happy pancake day

I haven't posted a drawing for a few days, so here you go, a caricature of Michael Portillo.

I like trains - I even illustrated a train book - but Stuart loves them more (he's a proper anorak) and has been obsessing over Portillo's Great Railways Journeys series. I've been watching the first episodes of Mad Men Series 5 with headphones on to avoid the show, but this evening it seemed companionable to watch it together while we ate our pancakes. Drawing made it much more fun.

That is my favourite pancake sugar, which we always buy when we go to Brussels. And I found the chocolate sprinkles in a suitcase I hadn't used for awhile, from a trip to Amsterdam. They still hadn't gone stale. Gary and I have been putting in long hours at the studio and trying to eat sensibly, but we sort of lost it today, even before the Pancake Hour. I popped out this afternoon and Gary sent me along with a little shopping list: