March 27th, 2013


seawigs hits bologna children's book fair!

On Sunday, the crew of Oxford University Press, Philip Reeve and I donned our nautical frocks, sailor hats and seawigs and headed off to Italy for the Bologna Children's Book Fair! Here's the picture I drew of us on the plane, while all the editors and agents in the seats around us frantically read through manuscripts:

Philip and I had no idea how the OUP stand would look, and we were super-excited when we saw the huge poster they'd made for us. Hurrah!

I got to wear this tentacularly fabulous hat created by Emma Toft of Studio 7t7. (You can follow her on Twitter at @studio7t7.) There's a submarine in Oliver and the Seawigs and one on the hat, too!

Head of publicity Elaine McQuade gave black and blue pens to Philip and me and told us we could draw on any available surface. We almost got carried away and started drawing on the neighbour stand, too, ha ha. LOTS of sea monkeys.

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I had a total blast and I think the OUP stand was one of the most lively and fun at the whole fair. Thank you, OUP crew, for a marvellous visit! And thank you to our new German, Japanesee, Turkish and Bulgarian publishers! You can read more about the book fair over on the OUP Children's Blog!

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