April 6th, 2013


duck and sock monkey review 'the sleepwalkers' & 'welcome to your awesome robot'

Clara the sock monkey: Look, we read this book, The Sleepwalkers, and it's full of awesome comics!
Mr Hodden: Viviane Schwarz wrote it and drew the pictures. It's like she totally read our mind and knew just what we wanted in a book.

It's true. Look, there's a bit about my origins. It's called 'How to Make a Sock Monkey'.
That's deep.
Yeah. I dream about it a lot. But I never have nightmares about needles or anything, the Sleepwalkers sorted them out.

I guess this is the book we read after The Sleepwalkers. Welcome to Your Awesome Robot.
True! All sock monkeys should know how to build an Awesome Robot.

Do you think this is good building stuff for making the base unit?
For sure! It's a good thing we didn't let anyone throw those away.

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