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April 14th, 2013

Tickets on sale now! I'm so excited about this upcoming Oxford Children's Comic Festival on Sat, 4 May at Oxford's Story Museum - the first of its kind in the country! - and hoping it will turn into an annual big date for the diary. Live drawing, workshops, buying comics, selling comics, chatting with professional comics creators, making your own comics... a day doesn't get better than that, really.

Book tickets and stay posted on The Phoenix Comic website. I don't think they've released the entire workshop line-up yet, but I know that I'm doing a Comics Jam session at noon, and Neill Cameron is doing a workshop before me. ('Cos he lives in Oxford and doesn't have to leave home as early!! Thanks for swapping times, Neill; I totally love you.)

If you don't know what a Comics Jam is, it's the most fun-ever game to play with friends, at school, at the dinner table, in the pub, wherever. You can check out an all-Reeve-family Comics Jam I did at Christmas, Chaffy & the Attack of the Plum Duffs - Read in full here)...

...and a more complicated one I did with Monster and Chips author David O'Connell, called Airship. (We took turns drawing the pages, with a one-hour time limit for each page. At the festival, it will move along much faster, more like five minutes a panel.)

Do book tickets and come along, it's going to be fabulous!

the uncluded: delicate cycle

I saw a picture of writer Bali Rai's new baby and had to draw her as a kick-ass vinyl toy. (The baby's very cute - here's the original photo - but it's not supposed to be a cute baby picture. I always think newborn babies look like little aliens but then people get mad at me for saying that.)

And Gary Northfield introduced me to this song in the studio. I hardly ever find out about new music unless Gary plays it or someone tweets it at me (usually Jamie Smart or Darryl Cunningham, thanks guys!).


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