April 20th, 2013


superkid zooms into chipping norton literary festival!

This weekend the kids at the Chip Lit Fest got a sneak preview at my new book with Aliens Love Underpants writer Claire Freedman, SUPERKID! I got to give my superhero costume its first public outing and I am pleased to report no wardrobe malfunctions. My event totally sold out; check out all these kids drawing Superhamster!

Superhamster is a little character who never even appears in the text of Superkid. But I thought Superkid really needed a companion, so Superhamster travels around in Superkid's hamster holster (as pictured below). Every good outfit should really include a hamster holster.

Check out Oliver's Superhamster. I helped the kids draw the basic shape of Superhamster, then they customised the hamster costume and some made up some silly superpowers for Superhamster.

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