June 2nd, 2013


superkid at hay festival 2013

I carry so many of my superpowers in my SUPERHERO HANDBAG.

Photo by Hay Fever coordinator Mary Byrne

Festival Highlights! I am Lady X:

My work at the Hay Festival started as soon as Stuart and I boarded the train from Paddington, and sat next to chatty, book-loving Robyn. Who drew a very fine picture of Superhamster, as you can see.

(The Superhamster Colouring Competition is ongoing, see details here!) I've seen less than brilliant weather at Hay, and invested in a new pair of wellies. Which were totally inappropriate as it was BLAZING HOT when we arrived.

One of the best things about Hay is bursting into the rather serious, literary Green Room at Hay in full costume and looking like a total nutcase. Here's Simon Jenkins learning how to do superhero poses.

A bit thanks to fab Telegraph reviewer Martin Chilton (@MartinChilton) for the mention on Hay's blog reportage.

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