June 11th, 2013


superkid is armadillo's summer pick!

Hurrah! I love this review of Superkid by John Dougherty in Armadillo magazine:

Read more of this summer's reviews over on Armadillo's website. Thanks, John and Armadillo!
Don't forget, the Superhamster Colouring Competition is still ongoing! Details here!

Families! I'm leading two comics workshops at the British Museum on Sunday, 21 July. You can learn how to make a travel comic, right there in the museum! I love making comics when I go on trips. You can have a look at the China travel comic I've posted on my website. Book your places here on the British Museum website! Strictly ages 7+, this is one for kids with some literacy under their belts.

And families, again: if you can get to Chatham Waterfront this Saturday for the Fuse Medway Festival, there's going to be some awesome comics making with some of Britain's best creators! Even if you can't go, spread the word if you know people in the area who might be interested. Find out more on David O'Connell's website. (Lovely poster, Dave! Poor Laura is puking her guts out...)


superhamster hits portway junior school!

I brought my new book, Superhamster to Portway Junior School in Andover and, of course, Superhamster (who is every bit as awesome as Superkid even though the critter's not actually mentioned in the book). The kids came up with some awesome hamster superhero costumes and superpowers!

As visiting superhero, I got to open the brand-new fiction library, where they had framed photos on the wall of previous visiting authors, including Helena Pielechaty and Guy Bass. The library had formerly been a locker room, with a non-fiction library space nearby, but some teachers worked out a way to pile the lockers into a smaller room and create a lovely space for the school's fiction books.

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