June 23rd, 2013


woodroffe school: monkeying around in lyme regis

Last week I took my first trip to Lyme Regis, which I only really knew as the place where Louisa Musgrove in Persuasion falls off the sea wall...

Photo by Sarah Reeve

...but still, I've always hankered to visit. And I was not disappointed, for right away I met a LIVING WHOOPIE CUSHION. I knew this place would be good.

Now visiting schools isn't ALL monkeying around. Unless it's with Philip Reeve, and then it's MONKEYS GALORE. Sea monkeys, to be precise. With lots of stuff piled on top of their heads. We gave Woodroffe School a peek at our upcoming Oliver and the Seawigs book, coming out on September 2nd. We gave them a little sea monkey drawing lesson:

And here are some of their sea monkeys! They didn't have long to draw them, but they were still very creative. I hope they go away and make awesome sea monkey comics.

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