June 25th, 2013


drawing monsters with sam

One of the best things about staying with the Reeve family (besides being right in the middle of Dartmoor) is getting to draw with Sam. He'd just had an artist named Scott Walker come to his school and lead them in making murals together, and Sam was all inspired.

So we drew a similar wallpaper kind of picture, starting with lots of monster shapes, and then joining them with different coloured patterns between them. It reminds me a little bit of Jon Burgerman's way of working. Sam says our picture's not quite finished, but he was planning to fill in the last background bits after school.

It's not easy filling a big space quickly, I remember spending a full day and not sleeping at night to finish a mural at Nottingham Game City while the guys in the next stand had it down to a science and finished in two hours. It's a subject worth studying, how to fill a space quickly, with lots of colour and energy. Billy and Alex are also good at that sort of thing. Philip worked on this one with us, a proper collaborative picture:

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