July 23rd, 2013


oliver and the seawigs: meet the creators!

Hey, here's a newly-released Oliver and the Seawigs video, in which Philip Reeve and I talk about how we put together the book and give you a peek at some of the artwork. Hope you like it!

Why are we making all this fuss about a book that doesn't come out 'til early September? Two reasons:
1. Our Seawigs crew at Oxford University Press want to make sure all the booksellers, librarians, bloggers and media folk know the book's going to be out there.
2. We're really, REALLY, REALLY excited.

Direct Vimeo link

We had loads of fun one day making several videos in the Fleece Station studio (back when the weather was a bit cooler). Here are Philip and me with our be-wigged publisher Liz Cross and the OUP head of marketing, Elaine McQuade (who takes very well to her role here as island-dominating tyrant).

And here are the two guys from the fabulous film studio, MB Films! That's Ed Beck on the left and David Mead on the right. Find out more about them on the MB Films website. Thanks so much, guys!