July 24th, 2013


creating travel comics at the british museum

Somehow the British Museum got wind of the fact I love making travel comics (see my China comic and Alaska comic), and invited me to do some workshops. I wish, the first time I'd visited the British Museum, age 12, that I'd known I could make travel comics! I was too daunted to make comics then; I thought they had to be quick, funny jokes, like the comic strips in the newspaper. If I'd known they could be about anything, and that I could document a trip in comics, I would've had a blast with it. I was obsessed with Egyptology then (particularly the tomb paintings, which are basically comics), and going to the British Museum was a real pilgrimage.

And here's the second workshop group with our comics! The team in the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre were fabulous, making the technology all work incredibly smoothly. I was kind of nervous about having such a big digital element in a workshop, usually I keep to very simple materials (pencils and pens). But a fair-size portion of the group had never made comics before, and the Comic Life software made them much more instantly accessible.

Here's the youngest kid - he's seven - and normally I wouldn't do comics with kids under eight, and even that can be a stretch. But this guy was the first one to finish, the author of a new, slick-looking little book!

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