July 31st, 2013


paperback dfc library: the pen check

So what are this rabbit and sheep getting so excited about?

Thank you for holding my props, Gary Northfield

Today's the day that the DFC Library launches six books in paperback! Which means two particularly exciting things for me:

One: Vern and Lettuce get themselves a new cover! I wasn't quite satisfied with the first one and asked to do some more work on it when the book went to paperback. I hope you like it! The book's a lovely, carryable size, slightly smaller than the hardback but not so small it affects the reading experience.

And two: There's a whole new book out by Jamie Smart!

This one never came out in hard cover, but Jamie's work is some of the best comics on the planet. You are going to LOVE Fish Head Steve. It's ridiculous and clever and the best thing ever. Go read the Forbidden Planet International's review of it and see more Jamie's artwork!
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