September 16th, 2013


tes winner des hegarty reading 'you can't scare a princess!'

Huge congrat to London teacher Des Hegarty for winning the TES Bookaboo competition! He could choose any picture book to read for the video and he chose the book by Gillian Rogerson and me, You Can't Scare a Princess! Here's his winning video:

Congratulations to all the finalists and other teachers who took the time to record videos!

Reading aloud to kids is so important, as writer Nicola Morgan has blogged today. You can visit Des's Storysplat website and follow him on Twitter: @TheGrizzlegrog (and Nicola at @nicolamorgan).

manchester comics jam

When I went to Manchester, I wasn't sure if anyone would be free to meet up, and I didn't know anyone there very well, except a little bit from the Internet and comics conventions, where we hadn't had much time to talk. So I was slightly nervous when I blogged I'd be at the pub at a certain time on Thursday night, if I'd end up with only one sweaty stranger in a Batman shirt who didn't even want to draw. But it was FINE. In fact, it was much better than fine!

Adam Cadwell (who runs the British Comics Awards I'm helping judge this year) jumped straight in and said he'd be there, then Bevis Musson (who baked the spectacular Morris cake) said he'd come, and I breathed a big sigh of relief. Then Andrew Tunney, Ellie @Frillyart, Andrew Chiu and James Lawrence all showed up. Here we are, drawing!

I drew a picture of Adam:

Here's one of our Comics Jams! We started with the theme of 'Rocket', each drew a panel for five minutes or so, then passed them around for someone else to do the next panel, and so on.

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