September 24th, 2013


i am an e-mail monkey

A few things today. First: I'm terribly behind in my e-mails again. I once heard Neil Gaiman say in a graduation speech that he had turned from being a writer into a professional e-mailer. While his book sales are probably slightly higher than mine, I know what he means. Too much time on e-mail turns me into a bald, bug-eyed, foetal drooling thing. Just like this:

So if you haven't heard from me and really should have, PLEASE give me a prod with another e-mail, and I'll do my best to get back to you! Second, something WAY more fun: the fabulous David O'Connell is leading a Comics Masterclass at the Bath lit fest! Highlight of the festival (other than my Seawigs event with Philip Reeve later that day, of course.) Don't miss it! In fact, you could come to BOTH our events (his is at noon, ours is at 5:30) and it would be the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

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