September 25th, 2013


british comic awards nominees

So, the team who run the British Comic Awards have, at last, announced the short list! Exciting times.
**NEWS FLASH** Booksellers! Librarians! If you're making a display of the short list books, the BCA team would LOVE to get a photo! You can tweet them at @BritComicAwards or here's their Facebook page.

Since I work in children's books, here's the list most near and dear to my heart, for the Young People's Comic Award. Big congrats to Dan White, Garen Ewing, Luke Pearson, Jim Medway and Viviane Schwarz!

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And now a bit of my own news: my co-author Philip Reeve and I have done an interview with The Book Addicted Girl discussing our favourite books about fictional journeys. (Actually, a few of the travel comics I mentioned aren't fictional, but they're all about journeys.) Do you have a favourite book or comic to recommend about a fictional journey? Let me know in the comments and say why it's important to you!

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