September 30th, 2013


back at the reeve ranch

A Western Morning News photographer went out to Dartmoor to catch my Oliver and the Seawigs co-creator, Philip Reeve, in action. Check out these photos from the shoot, and you can read the full article here: Author's putting the fun into fantasy.

Philip thinks these trainers are very daring. *whispers* He's never owned trainers in his whole life! I do sometimes think he lives on another planet, in the nicest possible sense. I suspect he will be the next Doctor, after Peter Capaldi.


isabel greenberg: the encyclopedia of early earth

Congratulations to Isabel Greenberg on the launch of her comic with Jonathan Cape, The Encyclopedia of Earth Earth!

I first met Isabel at Comiket, and on Friday evening, went to her launch at Gosh! Comics in Soho, where they're selling a special bookplate edition.

I fell in love with Isabel Greenberg's work the first time I saw her mini comic, The River of Lost Souls. She brings together in her artwork so many of the things I love about folk art: the chunky lines of Russian woodcuts and flat, almost awkward poses of Andre Rublev's painted icons...

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Speaking of women in comics and nice treats, fellow comics colleagues Ellen Lindner, Kripa Joshi and other women have got together a bunch of new comics for The Strumpet magazine, this time on the theme of food. Do have a look at their Kickstarter campaign and think of supporting them and getting your own copy of the comic: