October 8th, 2013


a little nibble for frankfurt book fair

Frankfurt Book Fair is gearing up and the word is slipping out: the fabulous David O'Connell and I will have a new picture book out together next year!

...And friends, this story is JAMMY. Here's a little peek at the Random House Children's Book catalogue:

Dave and I have been working on Jampires with David Fickling and his team for several years now and it's thrilling to see it finally coming up into the light. (Fortunately light does not hurt Jampires, just lack of jam. They adore jam. Basically, this book is both a ravishment of jam and a hymn to jam. ...JAM.)

We're both writers and illustrators and both wrote and illustrated it, so it's very much a collaborative adventure. More about that later!

If you're a foreign publisher and looking for a cracking good picture book story, head over to the Random House Children's Book stand and take a peek! This story's good for Christmas, Hallowe'en and any season when people eat jam. (I'm ALWAYS eating jam.)

Our excellent editor Alice Corrie and designer Ness Wood!

In the meantime, you can follow David O'Connell at @davidoconnell on Twitter and I'm @jabberworks.

Further reading: Dave's been blogging about comics and Monster and Chips and I have a new interview up on Girls Heart Books about Oliver and the Seawigs and an article with Philip Reeve about our Top Ten Fictional Journeys at The Book Addicted Girl.