October 13th, 2013


cheltenham lit fest 2013

Photo by Horrid Henry writer Francesca Simon

Next stop on the Oliver and the Seawigs tour: The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival. Where my co-author Philip Reeve, the Oxford University Press and Scholastic gang had a kraken good time!

We were joined by this excellent Sea Monkey, knitted by Jo Morris, the mum of our OUP publicist Charlotte Morris. (You can download the knitting pattern from my website.)

Big thanks to The Times for sponsoring; here we are with children's book journalist Nicolette Jones, who chaired something like sixteen panels. (And it's much harder to host someone else's event than do your own; anyone can talk about herself for an hour - we all know ourselves pretty well - but talking with someone else about their work requires a great deal of HOMEWORK.)

I saw today in The Sunday Times that she listed Oliver and the Seawigs as Children's Book of the Week! Thanks, Nicolette!

I love dressing up for festivals and I always look out for Tom Gates author Liz Pichon, who adds the most amazing personal touches to her outfits. I'd seen her signature fingernail painting before, but check out these great shoes! Liz said she did it just with a Sharpie pen; I totally want to try that.

I hadn't made my hat this time; I'd drawn these sketches for Emma Toft, who'd then made it.

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