November 8th, 2013


studio goings-on

Our new studio mate, Elissa Elwick has just blogged about WHAT IT'S LIKE working in the same space as Gary Northfield and me.

It must be quite traumatising, actually. You can see photos of her desk set up over on her blog.

And look at this lovely new Sea Monkey! Knitted specially by amazing writer Gillian Cross. (There's a free pattern on my website if you'd like to make one!) Gillian just happened to be the chair of the CWIG committee when I joined it (yes, there IS a CWIG-Seawig connection). Gillian was very strict about keeping to the minutes and such, so at first I was a little bit scared of her! But I got to know her more, she's wonderful.

And I'm really excited to read her new brand-new book, After Tomorrow, about our society, where all the banks have collapsed, and the main characters' only hope of escape is through the Channel Tunnel. Gritty dystopian stuff, you can find out more about it on Gilian's website and over at Bookbuzz.


seawigs PUPPETS!!!

Hurrah!!! I finally get to show you our Oliver and the Seawigs puppet video!!! I spent WAAAY too much time making the stage and puppets, which turned out to be slightly too heavy to carry around to literary festivals as I'd been hoping.

...BUT! Philip Reeve and I still had to try it out in the studio, see what you think! :D I think I make a very fetching mermaid.

(Actually, we also had fun entertaining the Oxford University Press sales conference with it.) Huge thanks to the OUP team, Ed Beck and David Mead from MB Films for putting it together, we had so much fun. (Earlier blog post about filming, here, and Philip's blogged about it here.)