January 24th, 2014

robots, big hair and all that...

Hello! Still working hard on the follow-up book with Philip Reeve to Oliver and the Seawigs. Here's another peek! Drawing robots is SO MUCH FUN. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go for a sort of gritty Alien-film look to the book. But I work on Mac computers and I thought, my futuristic spacecraft would probably have more of a clean, Apple look to it. But I've recently upgraded to Maverick operating system on my computer and it's full of glitches. There might be some mavericks aboard this spaceship, too.

Other news: Oliver and the Seawigs was featured in the latest issue of The Istanbul Review. We even got our portraits drawn for the website! You can follow them on Twitter at @istanbulreview.

Here's lovely Hande Zapsu Wat, who interviewed us at last year's Edinburgh Book Festival for the article, and one of the spreads in the publication:

Speaking of Seawigs, my experiment with BIG HAIR continues, channeling my inner Iris the mermaid. I keep giving it little pats to feel just how poofy it is. I have a hat fitting today, I'll need to mash it down a bit.