January 31st, 2014

katherina manolessou: zoom zoom zoom!

I've been to two very crowded parties in the last two evenings: the first was the excellent United Agents' Illustrators Evening, where we wreaked havoc on the hat stands. (That's David Lucas, hunkering down behind them.)

The second was the launch of a picture book by Katherina Manolessou called ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM. It's a lovely story, about a bird and a monkey who can't sleep, and travel to the moon. They're met on the moon by a four-armed alien ('who is so welcoming that you ought to read his voice in a Greek accent', said Katherina. Who happens to be Greek.) They play there, have a creative counting game, then build a rocket to travel back home to Earth and at last go to sleep in their colourful forest.

Here's publicist Catherine Alport, live tweeting the speeches. Catherine used to go on wild adventures with me when she worked at Scholastic (but then she migrated to Macmillan. (How very dare she!)

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