February 15th, 2014

sunday! come see the seawigs on the southbank

Families (and everyone else, too!), if you're in London, come draw with my co-author Philip Reeve and me in a big Southbank stage event. I'll be wearing my special new Shark Seawig (designed by Laura Drake Chambers, who works downstairs at our studio) and there will be lots of fun things going on there for the Imagine Festival. The event's free, at 3pm, this Sunday (tomorrow).

Foyles will be selling Oliver and the Seawigs and There's a Shark in the Bath if you'd like us to sign and doodle in your copy. Southbank Imagine Festival website details here. (You can print out your own Seawig from the website if you want to come festively attired. :)

And I've been to Norway! More about that very soon...

vikings and sea monkeys: a visit to norway

I've always, always, always wanted to visit Norway, and when Heather Salisbury asked me at last year's Hay Festival of Literature if I'd like to go, as an exchange with schools in Wales, she barely got half the sentence out before I'd agreed to accompany her.

I had big plans to make a travel comic (like the one I made in Alaska last summer), and I began it on the way to the airport, on the Stansted Express.

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