May 3rd, 2014

bakewell tarts

Last Derbyshire blog post: I drew this picture of my parents flaking out on the cottage sofa after a full day of hiking. My three-mile mama managed nine miles!

There used to be a beautiful railway line running from Manchester, but in the 1960's, a loathed man named Mr Beeching shut down loads of them, including this one. But instead of being built on, or allowed to go wild, this 8.5-mile stretch was turned into a hiking path, called the Monsal Trail. It's fun, you chug along just like a train and pull into stations. And very even and flat, perfect for mamas with sore knees who like lemonade and coffees along the way. Hassop station's been turned into a lovely cafe:

I made a sketch of Mama at the second cafe, where we had lunch.

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