June 17th, 2014

summer reading challenge: some mythical maze workshop ideas!

Recently a couple people have asked me for tips about running workshops tied in with the Summer Reading Challenge's theme of Mythical Maze. There are loads of things you and the kids could do, but here are a few ideas I've come up with to start you off!

* Design your own Mythical Maze: You've seen the maze I've drawn, with homes in it for each of the Mythical creatures; draw your own maze, and make homes in it for your favourite characters, either from myths or from any of your favourite stories! (Why not a Goblins maze? A Horrid Henry maze? A Shark maze? A Gruffalo maze? The Phoenix comic maze?) Alternatively, make a 3D maze with a box and folded cardboard for the walls, and decorate it.

Photo by Dave Warren

* Play Mythical Creature Consequences:
Simple version: Fold a piece of paper into three pieces, so it can be unfolded one segment at a time. The first person draws the Mythical creature's head, the second person draws the torso, and the third person draws the legs.

Alternative version: Keep each segment hidden from the next person: the first person draws the head and makes the lines of the neck just visible in the second segment, and folds over the paper to hide it. The second person draws the torso, without seeing the head, making the lines of the waist just barely visible on the third segment, and folds over the paper to hide it. The third person draws the bottom third of the character, then all three people watch as the paper is unfolded and the new creature revealed!

Here's one I drew with two other artists: Jonathan Edwards and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell. Another name for this game is Exquisite Corpse.

Borrowed from the Gosh Comics blog

* Play Mythical Writing Consequences: Write one sentence setting a character off on an adventure. For example, decide on a treasure (or horrible thing!) that the creature really wants, and set it off on a Quest. Pass the sheet around the table, with everyone adding a new sentence to the story.

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