August 19th, 2014

birthday birthday!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! And because it's my birthday, that means all my favourite things: lovely drawings, hats and cake. :D If you're coming to my book party on 13 Sept (I should say, our Cakes in Space party, and you're ALL invited! Click for details.), here's a bit of help if you want to come up with a KILLER CAKE hat! There are lots of ways to make hats, and maybe you'd rather wear a space helmet, but this is one easy way.

First, check out this incredible Cakes in Space article by Zoe Toft of Playing By The Book. She and her kids have made KILLER CAKES, come up with a top trumps spoon game, and a whole bunch of other ideas for a Cakes in Space-themed party. Plus a book review! Go read it, it's ace.

Yay, birthday hat! Isn't it lovely?

And check out this amazing Jampire, created by Leilah Skelton!

My ol' studio matey Deadly Knitshade has put together a six-second tutorial: how to make a Killer Cake card! You can see the video here on Vine.

WOW!! Awesome space scooter by How To Make Awesome Comics author Neill Cameron!

Ha ha! Check out this drawing by my Jampires co-author, David O'Connell! :D

Yee HAW!!! SPLITZ AROUND SATURN by my studio mate Gary Northfield!

Look at this one by @jacobsheep! I think it looks ace, but he point out that tests have shown that the jetpack shouldn't fire off inside the bubble, ha ha.

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