November 16th, 2016

norway visit 2016: 24 hours in bergen

I've always wanted to visit the Norwegian city of Bergen, and when I got asked to do school visits in Norway by two different groups, bLEST Festival and Karmøy council, I begged for a chance to pop over there in between the two visits. So Stuart and I took the coastal bus up from Haugesund, which turned out to be part bus, part ferry ride.

We got to see porpoises jumping alongside the boat, it was all rather dramatic. (Click here if you want to see photos from the Haugesund segment of our trip. Mostly I'm posting them here just so I don't forget anything!)

We arrived in Bergen after dusk and headed down to the old Hansa warehouses. I vaguely remembered reading something about the Hanseatic League in school, and it's a pretty amazing historical defensive alliance, go look it up if you're interested.

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