December 19th, 2016

Who's the winner of Emirates Flight Time Stories?

So many fabulous story creators entered the Emirates Flight Time Stories competition, but now it's time to announce the results! And the winner is ...*drum roll* ...

Four-year-old Maddison Penney, from Dorset,
for her story Monkey Goes on a Plane!!

Once upon time there lived a cheeky monkey called Jeffrey who lived in a jungle far away. Jeffrey had six brothers and sisters who all loved playing in the jungle, swinging from tree to tree. But not Jeffrey, he didn't enjoy living in the jungle not one bit, you see Jeffrey was different from his family, all his family looked exactly the same, they were about two foot tall, brown and fluffy, with a curly tail. Jeffrey however was a lot smaller, in fact half as tall! He had two big ears, and a flick of hair on the top of his head that his mother would always lick to stay in place. One day, Jeffrey and his Brother had a big argument, he felt so excluded he decided to run away.

'They won't even notice I'm gone' cried Jeffrey. So Jeffrey packed a bag with a banana, a little jacket in case he got cold and his favourite toy and off he headed into the jungle. Jeffrey must of been travelling for days he was so hungry he had already eaten his banana he had packed. When suddenly the jungle had ended, he was in a very loud, busy place with lots of lights! Jeffrey had no idea where he was, when he heard the loudest sound he had ever heard! giant white piece of metal with big wings and a glass front came hurtling toward him before abruptly stopping.

'This must be the airport my Brother told me about!' Jeffrey exclaimed in amazement as he had never believed it was real.

Jeffrey decided he was going to jump aboard! He saw a large crate filled with peanuts that had a gap just small enough for him to squeeze through. He waited until he could feel the crate being wheeled onto the plane. Jeffrey loved the pplane ride, it was like nothing his Brother had told him about, although he loved landing hte most, it felt like a big slide in the sky!

Jeffrey managed to climb out the box without anybody noticing (although perhaps they would wonder where all the peanuts had gone!) He then began exploring, it wasn't long before he reached the sea with a beach with the whitest sand! Jeffrey found a hammock hanging between two trees, he laid there for awhile but it wasn't long before he started to miss his family. He picked up some shells and put them in his bag, hoping his parents might forgive him for leaving and sest off to find the airport again. He jumped in a box full of bananas and once landed ran through the jungle looking for his family who were all fast asleep.

He snuggled up next to his Mother, who when he woke was so glad to see Jeffrey she wasn't angry at all. Jeffrey loved telling all his Family about his adventure, but most of all he loved being back with his family - in the jungle.

* * * * *
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