June 7th, 2017

new children's laureate: lauren child!

Thrilled about the new choice of BookTrust Children's Laureate! Lauren Child's work represents a wide range of creativity, spanning from writing and illustrating picture books to teen novels. Her drawing style contrasts significantly from the previous fabulous Laureate Chris Riddell's work. With the way they make images, both use incredible skill but while Chris's line work is incredibly intricate, like 'Wow, I could never do that!', Lauren takes inspiration from children's drawing and her work with its mix of deliberately wobbly line and collage may be much more accessible: 'Wow, I could do that!' I love that she's going to encourage children to explore and experiment with stuff they make. She hasn't stuck to one way of working, either; I remember my surprise when she came out with The Princess and the Pea, where she'd built fascinating little film-style sets and photographed her figures inside them for the final book images.

Lauren has a keen sense of design, colour, pattern and layout, and her line work has a rough energy and humour that I've absolutely adored for well over a decade. I think the first book of hers I read was the Charlie & Lola book I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato and the cheeky playfulness of it made me so happy. And her work pushes boundaries; I wrote my MA Illustration dissertation on Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book? and the way she played with metafiction.

Lauren doesn't do much social media, but BookTrust have set up a new Twitter account, @UKLaureate, and Lauren has a Facebook page here.

Big congrats, Lauren!! You can read Caroline Carpenter's article in The Bookseller about Lauren's plans for the next two years.

Read more of the article on The Bookseller website....

You can watch Lauren talk to a group of school children here on BBC Scotland Authors Live. And here's one of many Charlie & Lola videos, inspired by her books: