January 1st, 2018

dartmoor christmas 2017

Once again, the Reeve family adopted Stuart and me (waif and stray) for Christmas, and Dartmoor looked pure magic. Here's an excited Frodo the poodle in a light snowfall we had on Boxing Day.

Philip and Sarah Reeve had discovered a new, shorter way to get to Watern Tor, and took us there, where for the first time I got to see the original Thurlestone, the name of which inspired the villainous rambling isle in our first book together, Oliver and the Seawigs. (The name's listed in 'the Perambulation of 1240', which you can read about here.)

One of the coolest things about Dartmoor are the tors, the grouping of enormous rocks at the top of hills, like some sort of giants' modern art gallery. The only thing is that up there it can be VERY WINDY.

We stayed for six days and went on a hike almost every day, so we got to see Dartmoor looking very different as the light shifted and clouds and fog did weird and wonderful things. I'm going to post lots of photos here, mostly for myself, so I can go back later and remember what we got up to. (But come along for the ride if you like!)

Here are our fabulous hosts Sarah and Philip Reeve, a big cheer for them. They're very good about knowing just when to break out flasks of coffee and mince pies. :)

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