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January 24th, 2018

Do you remember how I went to Liverpool last October as an Read for Good UK Ambassador to the Liverpool Readathon? (Oh yes, and Doug the Pug went, too.)

Well, the Readathon results are in! By doing sponsored reads, the children of Liverpool managed to raise over £16,500! (A bit more money is still trickling in, but that's quite a feat!) Well done, Liverpool!

Schools taking part will get 20% of that to buy books for their own school libraries, and the rest will go toward bringing books and storytellers to children in hospital, including local Alder Hey hospital, and toward Liverpool Learning Partnership’s wider work establishing after-school reading for pleasure groups for vulnerable pupils. You can find out more about the Readathon from this 'Made in Liverpool' television footage:

The Liverpool Readathon 2017 from Read for Good on Vimeo.

Liverpool have a reputation for being a 'City of Readers' and it was great to see the kids getting stuck in to books and helping other kids in need. Children really seemed to connect with the idea of helping kids in hospital; they can all imagine how boring it would be to be stuck in hospital for months on end, and how much good books and engaging storytellers could be uplifting.

Do consider donating to Read for Good. I get stretched a bit thinly with lots of charity requests, so I've decided to focus solely on Read for Good because I know it really helps kids in very concrete ways:

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