February 18th, 2018

the new neighbours; in the bookseller!

Recently journalist Fiona Noble from The Bookseller trade magazine came to visit me at the studio to interview me for a feature. Fiona's been a terrific champion of the #PicturesMeanBusiness campaign, which is important, because she's one of the people publishers are trying to impress (so she'll feature their books) and when she asks that they provide decent information about the illustrators of the books they want her to review, they listen. Here's Fiona at my desk:

And here's her article! Thanks so much, Fiona!

The Bookseller have just released it from behind their paywall, so you can read it online here.


It would be a HUGE help to me and indie bookseller Stephen Holland at Page 45 if you could pre-order copies of the book! That way he knows how many books to get into the shop, and it helps my sales numbers in the first-week charts, so more booksellers will be interested in stocking the book. There might even be some exclusive bookplate editions left if you order it here. :)