March 2nd, 2018

world book day 2018: costume roundup!

I LOVE seeing people dressed up as characters from our books!! :D
Thanks so much to people who shared photos! (A lot of people had school cancelled because of the snow, and some still got dressed up at home, and some will get to wear their costumes when school gets going again.)

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world book day 2018: great malvern primary school

When my co-author Philip Reeve and I were about to set off for Great Malvern Primary School in Worcestershire from our homes on Dartmoor and in London, we looked at the weather forecast and felt slightly apprehensive. But we'd been planning to feature Pugs of the Frozen North in a big school assembly, and we knew we had to be made of tougher stuff when our book was about two kids being brave and adventurous in polar conditions.

I'd never been to Great Malvern before, and it was gorgeous! Philip and I loved the details of this Victorian spa town's station architecture, and the houses that looked like newly iced gingerbread. And according to one of the teachers, it's said that the lampposts inspired the one in Lantern Waste in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The snow was starting to fall harder, but we popped into the bookshop who were selling our books for our visit, the Malvern Book Cooperative, across from the Unicorn pub on St Ann's Road. Inside it was warm and cosy and Helen, who was working there, gave us a cheery welcome.

The next morning, we were greeted at the school by three very colourful characters: the headteacher Nikki Selby, Year 2 teacher Rachel Dudman, and our visit coordinator, Year 4 teacher Cathy Spence.

And I was thrilled to spot all these JAMPIRES!!! Some of the classes had been drawing and writing about the wily little jam-stealing critters in my picture book with David O'Connell. I absolutely ADORE seeing people dressing up as our characters; I love how it makes them feel like they've popped out of the book! Here are excellent teachers and teaching assistants Vicky Barnes, Sam Downs, Karen Brimmell, Rachel Dudman and Delma Black.

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