April 29th, 2018

isle of man cyclefest 2018

Look, genuine Manx pugs!! Are you as excited as I am??

Laura Ellen Anderson, her publicist Siobhan McDermott, Rosie Hudson (aka Rosie Tells Tales) and I were all thrilled to be invited to the Isle of Man for their third Cyclefest family festival. Here we are, getting all glammed up:

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I'd been to a festival once before on the Isle of Man - the Manx Lit Fest - but that was in Douglas, in the south, while Cyclefest was further north, in Ramsey. Here's a peek at Ramsey harbour, which is a lovely place for a little stroll and a drink on the dockside.

My husband Stuart and I got collected by the airport by Jackie, who gave us an amazing driving tour around the island. We loved this little fishing cove:

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