May 2nd, 2018

visiting collège du léman in geneva

Last week I got to visit sunny Switzerland! Check out all the flowers blooming at the Collège du Léman:

My trip started with Karen Head picking me up from the airport in a car stuffed with boxes of books. I wasn't sure how we were going to transfer the books from my car to my room for me to sign them, but luckily the hotel used the same lift as the supermarket, and Karen nipped over, grabbed a shopping trolley, and we bundled them through the lobby and upstairs.

These are the books the school ordered. A fun moment of my visit was watching a boy walking down the school path with his nose stuck in Oliver and the Seawigs, so completely absorbed in reading that he didn't notice me walking next to him. Success!

Thanks, Karen! The whole school was involved in Book Week, and so I got to see costumes, second-hand book sales, kids everywhere carrying storybooks, lots going on.

Here's a little Jampire that found its way into my luggage...

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