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August 16th, 2018

legends! edinburgh book festival 2018

It's been eight years since I met Philip Reeve at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and we've made a lot of books since then! This year, we were thrilled to give readers a sneak peek at our Roly-Poly Flying Pony book that officially launches on 6 Sept, The Legend of Kevin. Wahey!!

Photo by Stuart Pyle, dress by Esther Marfo

But first things first: I started with a solo picture book event featuring The New Neighbours, and we all drew bunnies and designed a big animal tower block (not pictured here). The audience was one of the youngest I've ever spoken to at a stage event, but there was a very clued-in little girl named Ava in the front, and she really helped keep the banter going, we had a good time. (Ava, can you please come to all my events?)

Photo by Philip Reeve

When we were drawing bunnies, we decorated their pants with pictures of their favourite things, and these bunnies obviously love diggers and construction machinery. I think that's also a reference to a sea horse brushing its teeth, from when we were designing an aquatic apartment, and some worm digger drivers, from the flat populated by worms. (Click here for a guide to drawing your own bunny.)

My husband, Stuart, and Philip were both in the audience, which was very heartening. (And they were both easy to spot throughout the festival.)

The next day, Philip and I teamed up for our first-ever LEGEND OF KEVIN event. Since the Edinburgh Book Fest falls right at the end of summer, it's almost always where we do an event for a book that hasn't quite come out yet, so the audience gets us trying things for the first time. But it seemed to go well!

Photo by Stuart Pyle

We even came up with a new Roly-Poly Flying Pony song and got everyone to sing along. I don't have a video of us singing it, but far better, here's Scottish opera legend Nicky Spence belting out a line from the chorus:

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