August 20th, 2018

roly-poly flying pony birthday!

Yesterday was full of some terrific drawings! It was my birthday, and everyone says horses are hard to draw, but I was curious to see how hard it would be for people to draw roly-poly flying ponies. And they drew them with great flair! Here's an Underwater Kevin, tweeted by @vee_jay:

I put out this tweet, hoping people wouldn't think I was being too cheeky. Recently Philip Reeve and I have really enjoyed drawing Kevin, so I thought other people might, too.

Here's an excellent response from Philip, my fabulous co-author, featuring 'a rare Athenian black figure roly poly flying pony':

I was totally gobsmacked by this Kevin airship by @ianmcque, who recently worked with Philip to illustrate the new Mortal Engines book, Night Flights:

And this Dalek-themed pony was drawn by an actual Dalek! @NicholasPegg is one of the actors who actually sit inside the Daleks:

Not one, but TWO DALEKS! @BarnabyEdwards is another bona fide Dalek:

Thanks SO much to everyone who drew a picture!! It was so much fun seeing all the techniques and quirks and variations. Have a browse through the fantastic roly-poly flying pony gallery:

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