August 30th, 2018

notting hill carnival 2018

I was completely surprised to be asked to be one of the judges at the Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday, Family Day. I'd be judging the children's Costume Mas (short for 'masquerade') and the Dutty Mas bands. I checked there were lots of other judges, especially ones from Afro-Caribbean backgrounds - I didn't want to be the only one making the call! - but then curiousity overtook me and I said yes. And it was a wonderful day out, with the most amazing vantage point for seeing the parade! Here are Stuart and me, starting to get excited before everything kicked off.

And here are my fellow judges, from the right: Dawn Hill, Joan Achong, Brigitte Stepputtis, me and Nii Sackey. (I think one more was supposed to join us but she didn't make it.)

We were so well looked after, with the tastiest Caribbean food, and I got to see so many amazing things! A truly wonderful day.

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