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September 17th, 2018

roly-poly flying pony: the kevin song!

Filmed by Candy Gourlay at our Waterstones Covent Garden launch of The Legend of Kevin! Philip wrote the words and I put it to a tune, and even if it's not entirely beautiful, the chorus is quite an earworm.

You may recall how my fab friend David O'Connell and I created a picture book called Jampires...

Well, we've both made lots more books since then and we're teaching a course! Have you ever wanted to write or illustrate your own children's picture book? If you're new to this whole publishing malarkey, we have some tips and insights that might help!

Throughout the Curtis Brown Creative course, filmed by the Hadley Brothers, we'll be teaching you in online videos and assigning homework that you'll be able to share and discuss with classmates on a forum. You can have three options:

1. You can choose the writer's course with Dave. He'll talk you through the elements of writing and structuring a picture book, adding humour, tips on publishing and more. I really trust him because I got to know him as an illustrator as well as a writer (and we both wrote and both illustrated Jampires!) so he really understands both elements of creating a picture book.

2. Or you can do the illustration course with me! That's mostly filmed in my studio and I'll walk you through telling stories with pictures.

3. The third option is a course on both writing and illustrating, with both Dave and me.

It was fun working with Dave on this. A lot of it is filmed individually in our studios, but I think my favourite bit is when we're sitting around agent Anna Davis's kitchen table (she was our course editor) and Dave and I put together thumbnails for a whole monkey picture book from scratch.

Find out more on the Curtis Brown Creative website. The first courses begin on 10 & 17 Oct this year, for ages 18+, so sign up soon! (And you can find out more about Jampires here!)


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