October 2nd, 2018

bath kids lit fest 2018

There's this red chair at Bath Kids Lit Fest where it's absolutely obligatory for writers and illustrators to get their photos taken. Only one person can fit in the chair at a time but somehow we managed to fit in another spindly co-author and a roly-poly flying pony who was completely oblivious to my sacrifice.

3D Kevin by Chloe Applin

I had three different publishers sending me to Bath, and my first event was called BUNNIES VS DINOSAURS, cannily combining two very different picture books. Walking the streets of Bath, I realised BUNNIES HAD ALREADY WON.

Lots of kids came to the Cricket Club and drew bunnies and dinosaurs with me, which was good fun! And we got some great drawings out of it. (I have drawing guides for a bunny and a Diplodocus on my website if you want to try yourself.)

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