October 9th, 2018

sardinia's festival tuttestorie 2018!

My co-author Philip Reeve and I got an invitation from our Italian publisher, Il Castoro, and Tuttestorie Festival of Children's Literature to come out to Sardinia to meet lots of children who'd read our books! We were terribly excited and drew this picture on the airplane:

And here they are, enthusiastic readers at the festival ground in Cagliari, where 5,000 children arrived every day for three days to attend book events.

Philip and I had been doing lots of events for our new book The Legend of Kevin, so on the way back, we made a little comic about what it would be like for a roly-poly flying pony to visit the festival.

But it wasn't only Kevin who came along...

This was the view of the Via Garibaldi from my window!

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