November 25th, 2018

south ken kids festival: drawing europe together

On Thursday, a bunch of illustrators and I had the honour of opening the South Ken Kids Festival at the Institut Français in central London.

Photo tweeted by Jonathan Rogers @jejr100

So much of what the French Institute is about is cross-cultural exchange and education, so they thought our Drawing Europe Together book would be a perfect start. Here are three of the 45 artists represented in the book: Bridget Marzo, Marta Altes and Tor Freeman.

And drawing together was what we all did! To be honest, it's not easy getting that many illustrators and pens and hands under a visualiser all at once, and not easy to get very professional looking drawings!

Photo by Heather Kilgour

But it was fun chaos, more like a game than a high-pressure drawing demonstration. Here you can spot illustrators Axel Scheffler, Tor Freeman, Bridget Marzo, Okido magazine's Alex Barrow, junior illustrator Wilfred, me, Penny Dale and Marta Altes.

Photo tweeted by the Institut Français @ifru_london
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