December 4th, 2018

thank you, john huddy xx

A message of love and gratitude for John Huddy and his Illustration Cupboard, one of the first places I gravitated toward when I wasn't even yet an art student. A lot of my early training started there, so many good memories. Do go see the final exhibition! It runs until Christmas Eve, and here are the details on the gallery website.

A few more memories and links to old blog posts:

With the late great Babette Cole at The Illustration Cupboard:

2009, interviewing Dave McKee at The Illustration Cupboard - one of the highlights of my early career:

Shirley Hughes and Shaun Tan at a 2009 exhibition of Shaun's work:

Polly Dunbar, Alexis Deacon, Viviane Schwarz, Emily Gravett, Anthony Browne at Booktrust's 2011 Best New Illustrators Awards:

John Huddy and the Kevin O'Neill exhibition (2009):

Oliver Jeffers at The Big Picture awards ceremony (2008):

Jan Pienkowski exhibition (2006):

A little comic I made in 2009:

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