March 3rd, 2019

auction for tommy

Hi there, our children's book colleague, writer Tommy Donbavand is in a bad way with cancer, with weeks or months to live, and we're trying to help him and his family stay afloat. You can read his blog here - he keeps an amazing sense of humour through what is a horrific experience. Philip Reeve has blogged about it here:

Trying to raise money for him, we have several things on offer that might pique your interest. Be in our Reeve & McIntyre book, for starters! With Kevin the Roly-Poly Flying Pony pooping on your head. Yes, you heard me right.

Perhaps a more traditional offering from Philip Reeve here, but also valuable:

And our Reeve & McIntyre publisher, Liz Cross (who also discovered the Mortal Engines books when she worked for Scholastic), is offering a rare opportunity if you've been trying to get a children's book published:


You can discover more offers here. Big thanks to Tommy's awesome writer friends Barry Hutchinson and John Dougherty for setting this up!