April 14th, 2019

dinosaurs at the international school of geneva, pregny

Hello, Switzerland! I'd visited schools twice in Geneva before, once in 2012 and again in 2018. But this was the first time I did a whole week of school events, and I really felt this time I got to know the city a bit better. And it was so fun seeing children and their teachers engaging with my books, showing me things they'd worked on before I arrived, and then making things together while I was there. Here's a poster made from one of my flipchart drawings: the teacher cut it into segments so the children could each colour a section, then reassembled it - what a great collaborative poster!

On Monday and Tuesday I visited the lower primary Pregny campus of the International School of Geneva, which was right across from the street from the fortified 'Mission of the United States of America':

And my bus passed the UN headquarters and lots of other formidable looking buildings with big global acronyms written on them.

And here's the Pregny school!

They're scheduled to move to a new building in a couple years, but I loved this 1970's building; it had lots of wood and was full of fresh air and light, and central spaces between classrooms where the children would gather to make things.

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