April 19th, 2019

GRUMPYCORN's writing cottage

You know what really inspired GRUMPYCORN? The most inspiring things of all... a DEADLINE.

Here's what happened: I was travelling from London to meet up with my family in Seldovia, Alaska. It's a long journey and I was very conscious that I had a picture book text due when I got back. I thought, I really ought to make good use of the time, but you know how your brain gets into a sort of fug when you're travelling for too long? Mine was like that, and I couldn't think of anything. I didn't even have my sketchbook; I'd accidentally packed it in checked luggage. So I got out my phone and started typing into it the first thing I thought of, a story starting with someone who couldn't think of a story idea.

And then I thought it would be funnier if the story's main character, the one who couldn't think of an idea, was a Unicorn. When I got to Alaska, I was further inspired by all the beautiful houses on stilts in the water. Here are a couple paintings I made of them.

I thought, if there was anywhere that would be a dream writing retreat kind of place, it would be Seldovia. So that's where I set Unicorn's writing cottage.

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