July 2nd, 2019

road trip to trail's end bookstore in winthrop

I've been away for awhile, in the American woods, with BEARS!

My Taiwanese sister Joyce, my husband Stuart and I went on a road trip from my sister's house in Seattle across the mountains on North Cascades Scenic Highway to a bookshop in Winthrop, stopping in National Forest (and a National Forest center) on the way. ...Oh, bears and a BANANA SLUG.

Here's Trail's End Bookstore, in the lovely, very Wild-West town of Winthrop.

Abilene Hagee and her team had created a lovely window display, featuring Jampires and Pugs of the Frozen North, and a local bakery had supplied the biggest jammy donuts I ever saw!

We even had a pug present! Thanks to everyone who came along and drew Pugs with me, and helped me create the giant Pugs boardgame.

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