September 29th, 2019

reeve & mcintyre at dubray storyfest dublin 2019

We've done lots of Reeve & McIntyre events around Dublin, but we'd never visited the lovely Airfield Estate, where Dubray Books hosted it's wonderful Storyfest! (Here we are, inspecting the Greenhouse.)

We brought Kevin, our Roly-Poly Flying Pony, with us, and the first person he met in Dun Laoghaire after his flight was DJ and radio presenter Niamh McManus from RTE.

Right after that, we met up with author and Storyfest coordinator Sarah Webb, who's one of the people we know best from our visit to various Mountains to Sea festivals. Here she is, the following day, holding a picture from our big festival Draw-Off event that Philip, Oisín McGann and I drew all at the same time on stage in THREE MINUTES FLAT, on the child-chosen theme of 'Unicorn train and sweetie factory'.

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